Says social media response not enough


Wow, I am certain the members of Boko Haram and the government of Sudan are quaking in their boots over all the hash tags from our leaders. No doubt they will prove to be as effective as the "Free Tibet" bumper stickers. Meanwhile, life for women under Sharia law continues - I believe they have about the same rights as camels. Of course, in the cause of diversity and multiculturalism, it would not be politically correct for us to criticize their culture and religion. That probably explains why (other than hash tags) it took our government three weeks to respond to the kidnapping of 300 Nigerian Christian girls who may have already been raped, murdered or sold into sexual slavery. Then, in Sudan, a woman eight months pregnant was convicted of adultery and apostasy. She is to be given 100 lashes and hung (they will wait until after she has given birth before carrying out the sentence, how sweet). Her crime: being born in Sudan she is by default a Muslim, declaring herself to be a Christian merits a death sentence. It appears to me that Christianity is a loser of a religion -- virtually dead in Europe, being systematically eliminated in the Middle East and Africa and under unrelenting attack in the U.S. The girls in Nigeria saw the light - it was announced they converted to Islam. As an economic powerhouse we could exert unbearable pressure on nations supporting these actions (without military intervention), but that takes courage - so maybe we will twitter them to death.

Gerald Clemons


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