Bellingham businesses hit by prank alarm calls


BELLINGHAM - Firefighters and police have responded to multiple false alarms at local businesses that have been targeted by a prank caller who convinces employees that the alarms need to be activated to fix an issue, according to the Bellingham Police Department.

Since Sunday night, May 18, multiple businesses have reported receiving calls from someone who claimed to be a representative from an alarm or security company. The caller then convinces the employee or business owner to activate the alarm to correct some sort of alarm deficiency.

At one business, this caused a sprinkler system to activate, causing structural damage.

Police believe it's possible to find out who is making the calls, as the calls appear to be coming from a cellphone.

Officials advise anyone who gets a similar call to check with their alarm provider before acting on any requests to pull or activate alarms. Fire and police will continue to respond to verified alarms, despite the prank calls.

Anyone with information directly related to the alarm calls can call the Bellingham Police Tip Line at 360-778-8611.

Reach Zoe Fraley at or 360-756-2803. Read the Dispatcher Blog at or get updates on Twitter at @bhamcrime.

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