Backs Fleetwood for climate change


I recently received an invite to a carbon cap-and-trade debate with the tagline: "Gov. Inslee's proposal, solution or costly disaster?" Knowing that chemistry and physics don't lie, I believe the costly disaster lies in the inaction on addressing climate change perpetuated by doubt created by the fossil fuel industry over the past two decades and the clock keeps ticking. The debate is sponsored by the Freedom Foundation that is connected to American Legislative Exchange Council that is supported by the Koch brothers (fossil fuel tycoons) who I believe are merchants of doubt. This is an outrage! Connect the dots and it is clear to me that this fossil fuel sponsored "debate" is deliberately designed to create doubt about how to solve carbon pollution and thus block support for action. Sen. Doug Ericksen is a member of American Legislative Exchange Council and one of the debaters. Putting a price on carbon is not up for debate. It's like saying; we are heading off a cliff and debating if we drive off of it at 100 mph or 50 mph? We must change direction and swiftly. One such change is replacing Doug Ericksen as I believe he has proven to halt solutions. We need someone who will help change our course to head us towards a low-carbon future. I believe that person is Seth Fleetwood. Be sure to vote this fall and support the governor's climate solutions in 2015. This change of course is crucial. The planet is clearly telling us that there is no more time for debates, only action.

Jill MacIntyre Witt


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