Backs hospital in city tax quest


We hear a lot these days about "corporate greed." Some of it is justified - Enron, junk mortgage packages sold deceptively to unsuspecting victims, etc. However a lot of the fulminating is blind, irrational, ideological hatred of profits per se. On the other hand, we don't hear near enough about "government greed," fueled by the pernicious doctrine that every dollar in the economy belongs to the government (sometimes referred to as "the people"). I believe one prime example is currently staring us in the face - the Bellingham City Council's attempt to seize $1.2 million from Peace Health.

Peace Health is a magnificent charity. It often provides life-saving, highly expensive medical services free to the poor. Its terrific staff dispenses loving, compassionate, merciful, costly care to anybody and everybody who comes in sick or injured. Both the city and county ought to donate gifts to this generous, non-profit enterprise. Instead, government greed seeks to squeeze it - punish it - for doing so much good for the community. The council's action is an outrage.

Every citizen should rise up to defend our benevolent community hospital against this greed-driven financial raid.

Gary Hardaway


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