Sees flaws in wind, solar power


Recently the governor has proposed further expansion of solar and wind power as examples of environmentally friendly sources. Puget Sound Energy also has touted their investment in wind power. Both of these entities know that over 60 percent of Washington State's power comes from hydropower. Solar only generates during the daylight hours, wind power is unreliable or at least subject to variable situations. The only rational approach is to provide for pumped storage hydro to accommodate these variable power sources. The Columbia River plants must operate during the spring floods to avoid flooding of lowland areas, consequently, the wind units must be shutdown or diverted to other locals. This is a widespread problem for both Washington and Oregon and their utilities. There must be early coordinated efforts to provide installations of pumped storage to accommodate these natural fluctuations. Conservation should be served by the deniers of hydro or fuel-fired plants to be put on relays that shut down their power when the state demand exceeds that wonderful 1990 production.

Tom Spicher


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