Unhappy with VanWerven response


After reading Luanne VanWerven's recent assertions that she prides herself on building relationships with people of all perspectives we were compelled to share with Bellingham Herald readers a perspective based on personal experience. Ironically, we believe our only contact with Luanne was anything but "collegial." Our private, unlisted telephone was being bombarded with multiple calls a day for several days with a recorded message from Luanne regarding the Gateway Pacific Terminal at Cherry Point. The calls were disruptive and a nuisance. We called her office one time only, in an attempt to have the calls stopped. We believe Ms. VanWerven was unsympathetic, unapologetic, arrogant and argumentative regarding the robocalls that were disturbing our peace. Luanne stated that she was "being harassed" and disconnected the call. After the negative reception received when we requested her assistance we feel it necessary to publically disagree with Luanne's description of herself. We take exception to Ms. VanWerven's approach to our simple request to cease calling our home. We were content to overlook her behavior, knowing this was not a woman that we cared to know any further until we learned that Ms. VanWerven has decided she is qualified to represent the voters of Whatcom County. We think the voters of Whatcom County deserve to hear another point of view.

Mark and Gail Mitchell


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