Unhappy with Gateway impacts


As most know, Cherry Point is the site of the proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal.

In addition to being a designated aquatic reserve, Cherry Point is also a traditional Lummi fishing site, for thousands of years. Currently in the midst of environmental review for the permitting process, Gateway plans to export 48 million metric tons of coal from Wyoming mines to Asia where it will be burned for energy and, I believe, contribute massively to global climate chaos. There are already two industries at Cherry Point bookmarking the beach: Alcoa and the BP oil refinery. A third industry such as Gateway would, I believe, spell disaster for this aquatic reserve and the local fishing industry.

For thousands of years, at this time of year, smelt and the endangered Cherry Point herring spawn right there. Salmon and orcas come to feed here because of this unique spawning.

Last week I was walking the beach at Cherry Point. Guess what I saw? A pod of orcas happily feeding in the waters offshore between these two industries. Proof that this site is still a vital habitat and not dead yet! I believe adding a third large (coal) port would destroy what is left of this precious gift. Just because industry is already there doesn't mean that we should pile it on!

It makes no sense to destroy our fisheries, natural habitats, and the planet's climate just to line the pockets of a few corporations.

Nora Workman Weaver


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