Concerned about climate change


Paul Krugman had a wonderful opinion piece in the May 12 issue of the New York Times. It was all about crazy climate economics. Not content to just deny the science behind human-caused climate change, I believe Republicans and other conservatives are now denying even sensible, moderate mitigation, like the EPA's regulation of coal-fired power plants. Krugman's article was quite a hoot, but let's put this whole issue of climate change-caused collapse into a watery metaphor. I believe conservatives have paddled out to a sinking ship and jumped on board. The liberals are straddling the issue, of course. One foot is on the sinking ship; another is on the life raft. Since liberals have the uncanny ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, it is likely they will waffle long enough that they will just fall into the drink and have to dog paddle until they perish from exhaustion. There are a few progressives on the life rafts, but they have neither oars nor rudder. They are condemned to drift willy-nilly until they run out of canned stores or slaughter each other over petty picayune problems. There are a few of us, though, who have built kayaks and we are paddling to shore. If we can, we will pick up stray survivors who can cling to our boats as we make it to land again. When we get to the beach we will light fires so the swimmers and rafters can see the beacons.

Walter Haugen


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