Concerned about health care changes


Finally, it was refreshing to read a practicing physician's comments concerning problems I believe all of us are or will sooner than we'd like to think face as a result of Obama Care. If you think this won't happen, one needs to look no further than what is already happening at the VA hospitals with respect to the lists of veterans who have died while waiting for treatment approval. While veterans benefits are not directly related to Obama Care what this doctor has stated in his opinion piece is a chilling reminder of what I believe to be the deterioration in our health care as a result of this horrendous law. Does anyone remember the so-called death panels? This is already happening at the VA hospitals and I'm fearful it will soon happen to the rest of the U.S. health care system because of Obama Care. I don't know about you, but as a senior citizen with a wife I've been married to for 47-plus years that has serious health issues, I don't want to become a patient of a "door knob doctor" or, worse yet, a patient whose death will be fast-forwarded because of the fiasco called Obama Care brought to us by a president who has promised we can keep our health care and our doctor if we want when as the doctor who wrote, "smothered by administrative tasks, doctors and nurses will retire early or just plain quit" which is something not even the president will be able to prevent.

Ralph Myers


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