LC's Hannah Rusnak steals show at 1A prelims


If the 1A Sub-District Prelims on Wednesday, May 14, are any indication of what lies ahead in the finals, Hannah Rusnak is going to clean up a lot of medals.

Rusnak finished first in three events on the day spanning three different disciplines - sprints, hurdles and field.

She's already taken home first place in the long jump - the finals were held on Wednesday instead of Friday, May 16 - with a jump of 17 feet, 6.5 inches. With first place, she qualifies for the Class 1A Tri-District Tournament. Meridian's Janessa Murphy and Nooksack Valley's Alex Parson also qualified for finishing in the top five.

The top eight finishers in the prelim events advanced to the finals, which will be held on Friday but Rusnak didn't even come close to not making it.

In the 100 she clocked a 12.88, beating out Meridian's Taylor Lunde, who finished third with a 13.11. In the 100 hurdles, she was nearly two seconds faster than second-place Madison Burke (Lynden Christian).

"She did well," LC coach Kent De Hoog said in a phone interview. "She's one we count on to do well."

On the girls' side, the only other Whatcom County first-place finishers were Mount Baker's Chynna Phan (800) and Blaine's Kieya Villars (300 hurdles). However, Whatcom County advanced 28 female athletes to Friday's competition.

For the boys, it was Josiah Westbrook who led the way. He showed his speed with first-place finishes in the 100, 200 and 400 races to qualify for Friday's finals. Whatcom County's biggest challenger to upsetting Westbrook came from Meridian's Nick Miller in the 400. Miller clocked a 53.82, more than a second behind Westbrook.

The boys' side also had two event finals held on Wednesday - the triple jump and the 3,200. In the triple jump, LC's Cody Spoelstra and Meridian's Camden Burgess qualified for tri-districts with their top-five finishes.

As for the 3,200, Meridian's Collin Magnusson finished first, followed by third-place Shelby Miles (Mount Baker), fourth-place Riley Hawkins-Hecock (Meridian) and fifth-place Derek Morrow (Meridian). All four will compete in tri-districts.

Whatcom County's only other first-place finisher on the boys' side on Wednesday was Baker's Travis Lindsey, who advanced in the 110 hurdles with a 16.32.

In all, 36 Whatcom County male athletes moved on to Friday's finals.

1A sub-district prelims at LYNDEN CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL

Team scores: King's 26, Meridian 25, South Whidbey 10, Lynden Christian 8, Mount Baker 6, Friday Harbor 3

100: Josiah Westbrook (Blaine) 11.17, 4. Nathan Rusnak (Lynden Christian) 11.51, 7. Connor Beard (Nooksack Valley) 11.62, 8. Chase Gibson (Meridian) 11.63; 200: Josiah Westbrook (Blaine) 22.67, 5. Nick Miller (Meridian) 23.75, 6. Chase Gibson (Meridian) 23.84, 7. Sam Vander Griend (Lynden Christian) 24.39; 400: Josiah Westbrook (Blaine) 52.59; 2. Nick Miller (Meridian) 53.82, 4. David Martin (Lynden Christian) 54.99, 6. Josh Meyer (Mount Baker) 56.14, 7. Alex Mclaurin (Nooksack Valley) 56.28, 8. Troy Nieuwendorp (Meridian) 57.13; 800: 3. Jesse Phan (Mount Baker) 2:05.57, 5. Logan Carlson (Lynden Christian) 2:09.01, 6. Jordan Hem (Nooksack Valley) 2:09.51; 3,200 finals: Collin Magnusson (Meridian) 10:12.93, 3. Shelby Miles (Mount Baker) 10:38.39; 4. Riley Hawkins-Hecock (Meridian) 10:50.08, 5. Derek Morrow (Meridian) 10:50.10, 7. Derek Holz (Meridian) 10:54.55, 8. Josh Lingbloom (Lynden Christian) 10:58.55; 110 hurdles: Travis Lindsey (Mount Baker) 16.32, 2. Isaiah Thompson (Meridian) 16.34, 3. Marcus McGuinn (Meridian) 16.56, 4. Trevor Burden (Lynden Christian) 16.64; 300 hurdles: 2. Izaiha Schwinden (Mount Baker) 42.95, 3. Marcus McGuinn (Meridian) 44.55, 5. Trevor Burden (Lynden Christian) 45.70, 6. Jack Vander Griend (Lynden Christian) 46.45, 7. Camden Burgess (Meridian) 46.72; Triple jump finals: 4. Cody Spoelstra (Lynden Christian) 38-02.5, 5. Camden Burgess (Meridian) 38-01.5, 7. Stephen Cummins (Lynden Christian) 37-05.5.

1A sub-district prelims at LYNDEN CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL

Team scores: No information provided.

100: Hannah Rusnak (Lynden Christian) 12.88, 3. Taylor Lunde (Meridian) 13.11, 5. Ashley Delligatti (Blaine) 13.42, 6. Alex Parson (Nooksack Valley) 13.53; 200: Payton Lunde (Meridian) 26.37, 7. Tarynn Haan (Lynden Christian) 28.65; 400: 3. Brianna Bruneau (Lynden Christian) 1:02.36, 4. Natalie Smith (Mount Baker) 1:03.04, 5. Brandy Bruneau (Lynden Christian) 1:03.76, 8. Emily Brackinreed (Meridian) 1:05.16; 800: Chynna Phan (Mount Baker) 2:22.97, 4. Hillary Kiele (Blaine) 2:33.14, 8. Brianna Rutgers (Lynden Christian) 2:39.80; 1,600 finals: 3. Sarah Ball (Lynden Christian) 5:27.97, 4. Kelsie Nern (Mount Baker) 5:28.44, 5. McKenzie Rogue (Meridian) 5:29.63, 6. Amy Jo Murphy (Nooksack Valley) 5:31.91, 7. Haley Rollins (Mount Baker) 5:34.5, 8. Mimi Meggison (Meridian) 5:38.58; 100 hurdles: Hannah Rusnak (Lynden Christian) 15.43, 2. Madison Burke (Lynden Christian) 17.31, 3. Michaela Yonkman (Nooksack Valley) 17.42, 6. Kieya Villars (Blaine) 17.91, 7. Marissa Scoville (Mount Baker) 17.95; 300 hurdles: Kieya Villars (Blaine) 48.11, 2. Madison Wiese (Lynden Christian) 48.32, 5. Rayedeen Engels (Mount Baker) 50.29, 6. Alex Parson (Nooksack Valley) 50.85; Long jump finals: Hannah Rusnak (Lynden Christian) 17-06.5, 2. Janessa Murphy (Meridian) 17-05.5, 5. Alex Parson (Nooksack Valley) 15-06, 6. Madison Burke (Lynden Christian) 15-05.25, 8. Brandy Bruneau (Lynden Christian) 15-03.75.

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