Wants repeal of health care law


The main selling point for the Affordable Care Act was the need to insure the 50 million that were without health insurance. To this 50 million you need to add the people who lost their insurance and have not signed up for Obamacare, plus those who have signed but not paid, plus those who have paid but otherwise are not in receipt of a valid insurance policy. The government cannot tell us how many are now uninsured, but they joyfully tell us that Obamacare is working and that over 8 million have enrolled. I do hope that it is remembered that not one Republican senator voted for this program. We do not have to continue suffering from what I believe to be this disaster during the last two years of Obama's administration. Come November we need to elect new senators and representatives, regardless of party, that put America first and their reelection a distant last. The new Congress' first order of business should be to repeal or extensively rewrite of the Affordable Care Act. A close second priority would be to start enactment of term limits. We need to get rid of the corrupt governing elite. It is corrupt for them to exempt themselves from the laws we have to live by.

Jim Maricle


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