Supports Inslee on carbon review


Gov. Inslee has taken a bold step in issuing an executive order to limit the state's carbon emissions. He has listened and followed the science behind the current changes in our weather and environment. Unfortunately some legislators, particularly, Sen. Doug Ericksen of the 42nd district, who I believe have chosen to bury their heads in the past and think we should continue to dump monies into the dying coal industry, which continues to strangle our planet with its carbon emissions.

The governor's program, when its initiatives are implemented, will shrink Washington's carbon pollution emissions and improve job growth in clean energy businesses and technology, benefit farm and forest landowners who provide the feedstock for cleaner energy fuels while also providing a means to offset carbon emissions; and expand energy efficiency investments that will benefit rate payers and consumers while growing jobs in construction and ancillary businesses. Estimates indicate that a program to limit carbon emissions would result in a net increase of 19,300 jobs and increased economic output of $3.3 billion in Washington by 2020. Thank you, Gov. Inslee, for your leadership.

Judith Akins


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