Sees no need for rental registration


Currently landlords have little reason to raise rental rates, however, if the proposed rental property registration were to take place you can bet tenants would pay more of their salary toward housing.

I realize the city needs money, but I believe this is more penalty oriented than earned (think red light cameras). There are already laws available that effectively deal with health and safety issues in housing. If we Facebook every rental with smears of unjust behavior will we also condemn tenants who trash a place upon moving out? How good does this make our fair city look?

The suggestion was brought up in city council to educate landlords with a support-based fee structure, some younger tenants can use a little education as well. Can't we use care over condemnation when possible?

If a problem occurs we can treat the situation individually.

We needn't raise eyebrows or rental rates for everyone.

Ellen Clark


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