Backs measure for campaign reform


If you are unhappy with the role of big money in politics, you're not alone. Polls show that four out of five Americans disagree with the Supreme Court's rulings that say we cannot regulate campaign contributions - even contributions of millions of dollars from for-profit corporations, PACs, or anonymous groups set up to hide donors' identities.

Things have gotten out of hand.

The solution is for the American people to amend the Constitution. The court said political rights belong to fictional "legal" persons, even though corporations are not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution. The fix is to simply say the Bill of Rights was meant to apply to living, breathing persons like you and me.

Sixteen of the 50 states have already called for this solution. Two states did so by an overwhelming vote of the people. Washington State can become the third state to do so by popular vote.

Signatures are being gathered right now to put I-1329 on the ballot in November. Go to to learn more.

I-1329 does not get rid of corporations. Instead, it talks about each person having an equal voice in the political process, and eliminating the undue influence of big money. It calls for legislation setting contribution limits, and requiring full disclosure of campaign contributions and spending.

Democracy should not be for sale. Get big money out of politics.

Michael Lilliquist


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