Unhappy bad drivers aren't stopped


The speed limit between Eliza and Cordata via Kellogg/Stuart road is 25 mph. Occasionally this area is patrolled by a police car sitting on the street and watching everyone go slowly past. When asked why he didn't park on one of the side streets so he would have a better chance of seeing what actually happens when he's not around the policeman replied that that would be entrapment. Really? A policeman getting solicited by a prostitute is not entrapment. A policeman buying drugs from a dealer is not entrapment. But catching speeding vehicles by sitting off to the side is. How interesting and how ridiculous. There are cars, trucks and motorcycles speeding through this area as if it were a raceway. The bass on their radios is turned up high and their mufflers are nonexistent. Sometimes it looks as if they are trying to break a record to see how fast they can get from June Road to Cordata. Someone is going to get hurt if not worse. Courtesy is unheard of as there is one motorcyclist who loves to come down Stuart, turn onto June and roar down the road at 4 a.m. Heaven forbid if any of these people were entrapped.

Sara Korman


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