COMMUNITY CONVERSATION: Readers discuss NBA owner suspension


Facebook and story comments about a April 29 news story headlined "NBA suspends Clippers owner Sterling for life" by the Associated Press:

Ren Kamps:

"There's your chance, Sonics, to get a team cheap."

Craig Thomas:

"Hypocrisy, pure and simple. Are they planning on barring everyone who makes 'racist' comments, players, fans and various celebrities included?"

Hugh Haas:

"The hammer came down hard! Bravo, commish. Message heard loud and clear, racism will not be tolerated! Through it all, Clippers coach Doc Rivers has been nothing but a class act. To Sterling, time to sell the team (and move them to Seattle? Heh)."

Tim Mills:

"What does banned for life mean? Can't go to another game? Big deal, he will still make millions from the team. Force him to sell and not get a dime from the sale! Instead have it go to a bunch of non-profit originations!"

Dan Burns:

"That should be a warning to anyone, no matter what color you are. We are tired of racism."

Stefanie Millspaugh:

"I don't agree with the racist remarks but he was in the privacy of his own home. Since when should American citizens have to answer to the public about what is said in your own home. He will fight this and more than likely win. When you're recorded in your own home without your knowledge you should not be held to the same standards as someone who makes statements publicly. So can my boss fire me for things I say when I'm at home?"

Tim Weber:

"It's unfortunate. Seems like a selfish, uncaring man. At this point it's going to be a legal battle. The only winners will be the lawyers."

Derek Thornton:

"Ironic. He basically didn't want black people to go to NBA games and now he can't go."

Stacey Crockett:

"No matter the reasoning behind the recording of his racist rants, it's still language that does not belong, especially in a sport as diverse as the NBA. Racism and racists have no place in the 21st century, and people who subscribe to these abhorrent beliefs deserve to be called-out. Plus, in a few months maybe we'll be able to welcome the new Seattle Supersonics!"

Alissa Wilson:

"What a despicable man. Glad he's been so publicly shamed."

Desiree Rodenhuis-Pack:

"Good for them."

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