Unhappy with councils about lake plans


I am absolutely ashamed of our county and city councils. Recently in the Bellingham Herald Review there was an article titled "Lake Whatcom woes persist." After reading this article it sickened me to think that the councils are more than willing to spend millions of dollars on a prefiltration plant when there are other options that have to be cheaper! Has the city not thought of conducting experiments to see if they took the water out of some other part of the lake if the same problems would happen? The lake is over 12 miles long and over 300 feet deep in the deepest part, are they willing to tell me that they can't put a pipe out into the middle of the lake where it would have over 200 feet of water overhead? Also, I would like to point out that the pollution levels will only get worse if there is no population control for wildlife put into effect. Aside from people, the geese population contributes more pollutants into the lake than boating does, even when boats were using two-stroke motors! Please ask the councils to think before they act hastily and to consider more options than what the activists are pushing on them!

Art Miller


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