Whatcom County man injured in propane explosion


A Whatcom County man was in satisfactory condition at a Seattle hospital Friday, May 2, following a propane explosion that severely damaged his home.

Gary Mydland was lighting the pilot of his basement water heater on Tuesday, April 29, when an apparent propane explosion rocked his home at 5386 Starry Road, said Division Chief Henry Hollander of North Whatcom Fire and Rescue. Starry Road is northeast of the Hannegan-Smith road intersection.

No information was available on the extent of Mydland's injuries, but Hollander said Mydland was "scooped up and transported immediately" by the responding paramedic unit. Mydland remained in an acute-care ward Friday at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, said hospital spokeswoman Susan Gregg.

Hollander said the basement propane tank of the home had been refilled earlier Tuesday and Mydland was lighting the water heater's pilot. He said the home suffered extensive structural damage but he did not have a monetary estimate.

The victim's name was corrected May 6, 2014

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