Wants total oil process considered


I believe the costs of domestic fossil fuel production in the attempt to be energy independent or even to become an exporter are just too high. Oil companies, refiners and railroads receive the lion's share of profits. Community members carry most of the risks - derailments, explosions, noise, pollution and traffic disruptions.

Bakken crude contains dissolved gasses such as propane and butane. When the trains are jostled, vapor pressure increases in the same manner as when a soda bottle is shaken. Pressure relief valves are installed in the tanks to prevent a pressure buildup. The pressure relief valves allow gas releases along the entire route and while oil cars are waiting to be unloaded.

Tesoro Savage is proposing to heat 30 rail cars at a time. Is the procedure in this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35uC1gLctnw, the standard industry practice? If so, I believe this oil train pollution needs to be calculated into the air quality permits. Do local jurisdictions have some safety authority while tank cars sit on rail spurs and sidings?

Tell the Department of Ecology that it should study the cumulative environmental and job loss impacts of the oil trains in all communities from North Dakota to Ferndale. Tell Department of Ecology that it should study the vapor release emissions from wellhead, through shipment, and the total refinery process.

Thomas Gilmore


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