Fish Rap: Hate to cry wolf, but weather is perfect


rphillips@idahostatesman.comApril 30, 2014 

Nothing jinxes a great weekend like me talking about good weather ahead. Seems like I've been giddy about it several times this spring and then the weather tanked on the weekend.

I'm hoping that's not the case this weekend because boy does it look great for fishing. Lows in the 50s and highs in the 80s?

If you're not hitting the lakes and reservoirs, you're missing out. I'm off to Hells Canyon Reservoir.

They're all in their prime and loaded with fish. I love the mystery. You just never know what's going to bite your bait, lure or fly, especially if you hit the warm water meccas like C.J. Strike, Lake Lowell, and the three Hells Canyon reservoirs.

Don't overlook those trout spots, either. Cascade and Duck Valley reservoirs have been producing nice fish, and F&G has been busy stocking lots of other places, including Lucky Peak for an easily accessible place to fish.

Get out and have fun. Break out the boat, or just pull up a lawn chair and drown a worm. You won't be sorry. Good luck, and see you on the water.


The department's website has a new feature where people can share fishing information.

The "Fish Talk" let's you give and see first-hand fishing reports, and it will be moderated by fisheries manager Dave Parrish.

He will ensure your exact honey hole won't be revealed. "Anglers will be asked to share general information about locations, identifying certain lakes, rivers, streams or ponds without being specific about exact locations."

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