Boy injured in Blaine accident has two broken legs, crushed foot


A 7-year-old Blaine boy injured when a man drove his truck off Blaine pier Sunday, plunging into Drayton Harbor, is recovering in the intensive care unit at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

The boy was on the pier with his father and brother at about 7:15 p.m. Sunday when the truck broke through a gate that was blocking part of the road to the pier, hit the boy and then sped off the pier into the water. Witnesses told Blaine Police the man's actions seemed intentional.

Divers found the truck at the bottom of Drayton Harbor Monday and the body of the man believed to be driving was found washed ashore in British Columbia, according to the Blaine Police Department.

The impact broke both of the boy's legs and crushed most or all of the bones in his foot, said Karen Starkovich, a neighbor who spoke with permission from the boy's family.

The boy remained in the Intensive Care Unit at Harborview Medical Center on Monday night, Starkovich said.

His mother told Starkovich that he will likely need to use a wheelchair for at least two months and will need to travel to Seattle for physical therapy.


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