Lists his points against Gateway


My response to letter in favor of Gateway April 23:

The glitzy brochure produced by SSA Marine is designed to be impressive and show only benefits. Corporations are in business to make money, not to be concerned about the health of the community. The object is to create a pretty picture on the front of the box regardless of what's inside. For decades tobacco companies presented a glamorous image to sell their product. "Happy Meals" are promoted to make money, not to produce healthy children. Bottles of "pomegranate" juice may have less than a teaspoon. It's called marketing; present an inflated view of benefits to make people believe you have their welfare in mind. It is naive not to understand this basic strategy of capitalism.

"Shallow arguments" against the terminal are actually based on research on climate change since the 1960s by scientists all over the world (do some reading on the subject).

Regarding the economic status of "naysayers," do you really think we are something other than the "working class," that we are all rich and living in castles?

Regarding environmentalists have "selfish ideals," really? If concerns about the quality of air we all breathe, the quality of the water we all drink and the quality of food we all need to survive is selfish, then I will proudly wear that label; and your children and grandchildren will thank me for it.

Paul Schroeder


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