WCC website briefly redirected to Syrian Electronic Army site


BELLINGHAM - Visitors to Whatcom Community College's website Saturday, April 26, may have encountered a message that the site was hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army.

Community members alerted college officials to the issue.

The hack automatically redirected visitors to a webpage that read, "Hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army," followed by a few lines of text unrelated to the college.

The college was able to get the redirect fixed within a few hours on Saturday night. The website that was affected was the college's public site; the college's internal information and student information is hosted on a separate server, spokeswoman Mary Vermillion said.

The Syrian Electronic Army is a group of political computer hackers working in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The group usual targets political opposition groups and websites for news organizations and human rights groups.

It's unclear why WCC's website was redirected, but the college is continuing to investigate, Vermillion said.

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