Thanks Ericksen for education funding


I would like to personally thank Sen. Doug Ericksen and the Majority Coalition Caucus for their leadership in regards to our education system in Washington State. Ericksen and the caucus were able to increase the K-12 education budget to nearly $1 billion without raising taxes in the current biennium! This is a major accomplishment and this down payment will help move our schools into the future. Additionally, Sen. Ericksen and the Majority Coalition Caucus plan to introduce legislation that would require two-thirds of all revenue growth be earmarked for education purposes for the next decade. Furthermore, for the first time in over 40 years, Ericksen and the caucus were able to stop tuition increases for college students. The Democrats on the other hand, who have controlled Olympia my entire lifetime, have allowed tuition increases on our college students every year they have been in power. Thank you Sen. Ericksen and the Majority Coalition Caucus, for fighting for afford able post-secondary education for all of those who seek it as well as for your hard work to fully fund our K-12 education system.

Nick Evans


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