Says education cure for racism


It saddens me when people choose to respond violently to internal feelings of hate for people who they believe are different than themselves.

Tragically some people choose to act on feelings of hate by turning to violence. Hate is a terrible thing. My heart goes out to the community of Kansas City, Missouri.

But before any of us in Whatcom County pass judgment on Ku Klux Klansman Glen Miller of Aurora, Miss., we need to look at our history of racism right here in Whatcom County. You see, the klan has a history here as well. In fact in 1929, the Ku Klux held a convention in Bellingham's Eagle Hall. Additionally, this county has a history of welcoming people of color in labor industries such as railroads, farms, mills and laundries when the economy was growing only to round them up and run them out of town when jobs were scarce.

The solution to racism is education. By learning about each other's cultures we learn that we are all the same. We cannot change the history of our county, we cannot undo what happened in Kansas City but if we want to end racism we can take steps to educate ourselves to prevent the hatred that leads to tragedies such as the one in Kansas City.

Kimberly Harris


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