Rave: Recommends Bellingham Theatre Guild performance


Although I know no one affected by the Oso landslide or the loss of Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370, I have deep empathy for the families and friends of the victims. I found comfort in Bellingham Theatre Guild's opening performance of the "Women of Lockerbie."

The play uses a Greek chorus of women to show how a community both grieves and consoles. At first I found the chorus disconcerting. But repetition by groups of women reminded me of how we as individuals say the same words again and again in a search for meaning.

The acting is first rate, the set stark, throwing strong characters into relief. See it and grieve for Oso, MH 370, Lockerbie, and Iran Flight 655.

Meg Hayes of Bellingham, via Letters to the Editor


I want to say a big thank you to all the volunteers who came and packed meals for Feed My Starving Children on Saturday, April 12, at Birchwood Presbyterian. Over 101,000 meals were packed and are being sent to children around the world who normally go to bed hungry. I also want thank Farmer's Equipment Co. and Bill Harvey of Lynden for donating the use of a forklift, which was a huge help. Also a big thanks to Bellingham Cold Storage for the use of the electric pallet jack. This was a great, fun event that did so much good!

Tim Unger of Bellingham, via Letters to the Editor


I would like to take this time to reflect on my time at Bakerview Nursery and Garden Center. I had the opportunity to work with strongest bunch of people I know. The loss of Bakerview Nursery meant more to me than just losing my job. The loss of my Bakerview meant I lost my nursery family, and didn't get to get paid to play with plants. I was fortunate enough to have gained plentiful amounts of plant and gardening knowledge from these individuals. Knowledge that I will forever pass on. I am truly miss being apart of that unique and quirky team.

It feels as if my coworkers and I were all in mourning while we are trying to tackle to-do lists as we closed down the nursery. Witnessing a plentiful nursery shift into a ghost-town found itself to been heartbreaking. It's a shame that time brings us change, but after 42 years of serving the community, the Clark's have earned retirement. This experience has opened my eyes to reality of shopping local and business structures.

I will forever remember my time with Bakerview as a cherished memory, with a lively crew. I am now fortunate enough to be working at Hardware Sales, so I am able to continue to connect with my Bakerview customers. It has been a lovely transition, but nothing will compare to working in a true garden center.

Sarah Climaco of Bellingham, via Letters to the Editor

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