Concerned about value of life


Surely all of us were shocked and sickened by the recent news about the woman who apparently killed six of her newborn children over the course of several years. We all wonder how she could so coldly dispatch those harmless babies, her own flesh and blood. There can be little question that this mother is a sick person. Yet I believe this may also be just one more example of our country's growing disregard for the sanctity of human life. Yes, I am pro-life. Go ahead, call it anti-abortion; that's fine, too. But I concede, it's the law: a woman has a right to choose. Yet I wonder if the effort to guarantee that right may have led to minimizing the magnitude of the choice involved. And consider also how we have come to devalue the unborn child: If an expectant woman plans to go through with childbirth, we allow her to call it "my baby." Otherwise, it's only referred to it as "the fetus." Legally, the war is over, it seems. Abortion-providers have won the battle, at a cost of great loss of life, with the innocents paying the price and having no say in the matter. But as we continue to learn more about fetal development and "viability," isn't it time to give these little ones credit for being human? If we expect to think of ourselves as placing the highest value on human life, we must extend that sympathy to both the born and the unborn.

Bill Schwartz


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