Finds future in renewable energy


The idea in The Bellingham Herald's lead article April 18 that burning more coal is inevitable and we must reconcile ourselves to coal ports being developed on the west coast is hog wash. We should not be buying the message that I believe proponents of these projects would like us all to believe - that we can't have growth or prosperity without fossil fuels and that switching to renewable sources is too expensive.

Coal burning is the truly expensive and nonviable source of power. Coal is ruining the health of millions, it is endangering the very life cycles of species and habitats we depend on for human life, and rather than enabling humans to have a better life - look at Indonesia's example where the environment is being destroyed to export coal, while millions of Indonesians have no benefit of electricity.

Even without the huge subsidies and incentives coal companies enjoy, costs for solar panels have seen a 75 percent cost reduction since 2008 according to the Department of Energy. The latest climate change report, drafted by the world's leading scientists, asserts that even with taking drastic action to reduce carbon emissions, the estimated reduction in economic growth would be a miniscule 0.06 per year.

So, yes, I believe we can have economic security with renewable energy; and, no, coal is not the inevitable source of power for the future and don't be fooled into thinking so.

Jayne Freudenberger


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