Suggests local action on climate change


The evidence is persuasive, our climate is changing and with it the prospect of dire consequences. Those experiencing the adverse affects of this change will be our children, grandchildren, and their progeny into an unknown future. The government has taken some important steps to reduce global warming but the process is slow and politically influenced. (What politician, for example, would propose lowering and enforcing the speed limit?) The good news is that we can make modest changes in our behavior that have an immediate effect and set an example for others.

An experience I had at Lowell school will serve as an illustration: Cars line up for a block on the east side of the school as people wait to pickup students. As a substitute driver I parked as the signs directed and walked the sidewalk so that my grandson would see me rather than look for his mom's car. To my surprise, on this glorious day, a number of cars continued to idle at the curb. Puzzled, I asked a kindly looking grandfatherly gentleman why he kept his vehicle idling. He took no offense at all and responded that he simply "...hadn't thought about it" and shut off the engine. Maybe we should consider a "no idle" zone or having youngsters ride the school bus. We can try to initiate change. In any case we must "think about" the effect of our actions and our example on future generations!

Niel Pfundt


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