Concerned message of Earth Day lost


As a college freshman in 1970, I saw the first Earth Day and thought this might be the start of something useful. If the anti-war and Woodstock phenomena could be channeled into a third wave, with emerging environmental data and policy innovations, serious problems might get solved. After graduating with an environmental science degree in 1974 however, the Earth Day strategy of everybody doing a little, started to look like trickle down environmentalism that's I believe is as technically, intellectually and morally defective as its random, economical non-science cousin. These two peas in a pod are clearly part of the "wrong track," a vast majority of citizens say we're on. Then there's Nobel Prize-winning scientists at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change calling for massive structural changes before random economical chaos kills the planet Never mind the predictable death and destruction seen in Oso, (it's climate change stupid!) where all the bodies may be cleaned up in time for the annual Earth Day sales events. A contrived holiday, like Mothers Day, that allows some people to "honor" the source of all life, that should be revered and rewarded 24/7/365, if you want a home and future.

John C. Ruth


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