Reminds that taxes fund rule of law


Clivus Bundy, the Nevada rancher who has decided he doesn't have to pay grazing fees to the BLM is exercising his right to freedom and liberty as an American. Problem is, I believe he absolutely does not understand that his freedom and liberty are founded on the rule of law. Without taxation, freedom and liberty mean nothing more than an opportunity for lawlessness and the complete dissolution of civil society.

Eliminate taxes and America becomes a failed state, a country without a functioning government or the ability to uphold the rule of law or protect its citizens from domestic terror or outside military takeover.

Mr. Bundy must pay his taxes, period! Should he wish to remain lawless he should seriously consider moving to Somalia (I'll even pay for his ticket), where he can remain free from government intrusion. Those who believe Bundy's right in his actions should follow him, along with the many anti-American Republicans that continue to call for the elimination of the IRS.

It's elementary my dear Watson: No taxes, no government, no America, no freedom, no liberty, no civility; only lawlessness, corruption, terror and social breakdown. We all need to pay taxes!

Dennis Smith


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