Nebraska Democrats want GOP candidate to pull ad

Associated PressApril 19, 2014 

— Nebraska Democrats are calling for a Republican candidate for governor to pull a televised campaign ad showing him knocking a Barack Obama doll off a fence post while criticizing the president’s health care law.

The ad, which began airing this week, shows Omaha state Sen. Beau McCoy standing next to the fence post with the bobblehead-like doll atop the post.

In the ad, McCoy says the health care law is “the last thing we need,” while slapping the doll off the post with his hand.

State Democrats responded by saying the ad hit a new low and sends the wrong message to children.

“No matter what party you belong to, the depiction of violence displayed in McCoy’s ad is completely disrespectful to the office of the presidency,” said Dan Marvin, executive director of the state Democratic Party.

State Democratic Chairman Vince Powers called on McCoy to pull the ad.

“Striking someone just because you don’t agree with their policies is contrary to the message that thousands of parents and teachers try to instill in our kids each day,” Powers said. “This is not how Nebraskans expect their leaders to behave.”

In response, McCoy issued a statement saying Nebraskans are “tired of being pushed around by the Obama administration and the federal government.”

McCoy voted against expanding the Medicaid program – a key provision of the Affordable Care Act – in Nebraska during the legislative session that ended Thursday.

McCoy’s ad was still airing Saturday.

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