Supports Gateway for job creation


Most of Bellingham area citizens received in the mail the past few days a publication from GatewayPacific Terminal's proposals of the economic opportunity. As I read through their proposals "at-a-glance" in their brochure I stand bewildered by the naysayers in this community. I've concluded that if they achieve 50 percent of the project's proposals and outcomes, we ought to all unite in an effort to support the project in a positive manner. What a positive economic injection it can have in the Bellingham area for years to come.

It is beyond me what kind of shallow arguments support signs such as "No Coal Trains" and the like. It would be interesting to know the economic status of those naysayers and probably not surprising, a majority certainly wouldn't fall into the "working class."

Wake up community and get behind this project. We have a community so willing to do the hard work (the rank and file) and we wonder how they must feel when the need for employment and growth is so important in establishing a positive economic base. Sometimes, evironmentalist need to soften their selfish ideals, many, I believe, unfounded or driven by political reasons.

Good work Gateway Pacific Terminal. We pray all this will provide an economic "shot-in-the-arm" to benefit all, not just a selective few!

Dan Arola


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