Bellingham resident lands on national game show

Posted by DAVE GALLAGHER on April 16, 2014 

Bellingham resident Adam Engst is enjoying his ride on the television game show circuit.

Engst, who works as legal counsel at Bellingham-based Saturna Capital, is being featured on the game show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" this week. His appearance spans two episodes; the first ran Wednesday, April 16, while the second runs Thursday, April 17. The show airs at 5 p.m. on KONG TV, which is on channel 6 or 16 for most cable and satellite subscribers.

Engst ended up on "Millionaire" because of a successful performance on "Wheel of Fortune," which aired about 18 months ago. On "Wheel of Fortune," Engst won a trip to New York City. While he was there, he applied to be on "Millionaire" and won an audition to the show, which was taped in November.

While Engst can't yet say how he did on "Millionaire," he did say it was a great experience. It included meeting the host, Cedric the Entertainer, who took over the show for its 12th season, which began in September.

"It was a blast to be on the show and to spend time in New York," said Engst, a lifelong Bellingham resident. "Cedric is a fun guy."

While both are game shows, Engst had to approach "Wheel of Fortune" and "Millionaire" differently. He said he was a little more nervous about "Wheel of Fortune," where contestants compete against each other. A lot more studying was involved in "Millionaire," which involves a contestant answering a set of progressively more difficult questions while trying to reach the $1 million prize. But, as Engst pointed out, on "Millionaire" he was only competing with himself.

Since "Millionaire" debuted in syndication in 2002, contestants have won more than $80 million. It is distributed by Disney-ABC Domestic Television.

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