Ski to Sea addresses timing issue


The Ski to Sea Race Timing Committee has developed a plan for the timing this year that should ensure the most accurate racer times the race has ever experienced.

In order to carry out this plan, the timing committee needs to recruit additional volunteers who will fill important new volunteer positions.

Each race leg exchange gate (where the relay takes place) will have a race day timing solutions staff person, a timing captain, and iPod person entering backup data, a person calling out team numbers for the backup data, and a person taking photographs that will be time-stamped.

The Ski to Sea is going through this extraordinary effort so that as many racers as possible have their split times when they finish their respective race leg.

The first three legs are covered with timing volunteers. (downhill/snowboard exchange, run exchange, and road bike exchange).

Timing volunteers are needed for the canoe (in Everson), cross country bike (Hovander Park) and kayak (Zuanich Point Park).

A total of 12 volunteers are needed for these three race legs exchange sites. Volunteers should be detail-oriented, able to work under pressure and work fast at times, as many racers can come through the race leg exchange gates at one time.

Interested companies may wish to send a group of employees to help with this effort, or individuals may respond as well. For further information, please contact the timing committee chair, Jim Lackey by sending him an email at:

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