Worried right, wrong no longer matter


The reason so many can be so wrong for so long is because lies tend to gain strength with age. A lie if repeated often enough, it becomes self-perpetuating and if it attracts enough adherents, it spreads exponentially. This is how a lie can be transformed into truth.

Politicians are a great example of this, being, I believe, relentless purveyors of lies. What do they hope to gain from such lies? First, our votes; second, as a result of our votes, power; third, perks and insider deals that allow them to live like multi-millionaires; fourth, adulation.

How is it possible for their lies to continue fooling so many millions of people? People love to be deluded. It feels so warm and fuzzy compared to the harshness of reality.

It is therefore not surprising that I believe the sun is rapidly setting on Western civilization. I believe we continue to accept the lie that freedom and equality can coexist; the lie that everything in life is relative and that there is no such thing as right and wrong. All noble thoughts, some might insist, but, unfortunately, not good for maintaining a civilization.

For better or for worse, I believe civilization cannot exist without a generally accepted code of conduct.

Wayne Farber


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