Backs government prayer breakfasts


In response to letter writer's complaint in the Bellingham Herald about the prayer breakfast, I would remind him that the majority of Americans are religious. The prayer breakfast was open to all religions.

I am surprised that vocal minorities have such a loud voice as the majority stays so quiet. The writer could be a atheist, maybe that is why be berates prayer breakfasts. If so, I am sorry for him.

It is not your government that teaches you to be honest, honorable and care for your fellowman. There are some in government who are religious, carried over time, following the golden rule and 10 Commandments, which makes good people.

Whether it be God, your parents, or a higher power, other than yourself.

Our morals have slid backwards and it is not complimentary. I was brought up by the old school rules, which is by the 10 Commandments. That is what I believe America is based on.

No one is telling you that you have be a Christian. To put down people who believe in God does not make you a bigger man.

Watch where your life leads you, whether God is real or not. Christians stands strong, while the rest of the world falls apart. God needs to be in schools, government and Americans' way of life. I have never seen any harm that it has caused.

If prayer breakfast is not your take, then go to Mc Donalds.

Darryl Ehlers


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