Ready to ban all public smoking


As a city we need to do something about smokers and smoking in public, populous areas like schools, the university, downtown and other places where there are innocent people walking around and doing their thing. According to the Washington State Department of Health, "tobacco remains the main cause of preventable disease and death in Washington state," so why do we continue to allow people to smoke and affect other innocent people with those toxins? Inhaling those toxins from the tobacco clearly causes multiple problems to our bodies, including but not limited to different forms of cancers. I know that at many places smokers need to stand a certain amount of feet away from entrances of buildings but they never do and no one does anything about it. I'm tired of minding my own business trying to get to where I need to go and then having a smoker walk past me reeking of smoke and then having that smell stay with me. Not only is it unhealthy for people but it makes everything smell disgusting and produces a heavy smoke of toxins where there should be fresh, clean air. As a city we should protect our environment from those toxins as well as protect the innocent people that live in this beautiful city by banning smokers from smoking in populous areas.

Tatianna Genovesi


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