Wants U.S. government to acknowledge marijuana


Having been an advocate of marijuana for the last few years, it's awesome to see people who have ailments or medical needs which marijuana is the best option be able to use it. Marijuana was legalized in 2012, and its been great helping people who need marijuana get it, and open peoples' minds to the ideas the cannabis has medical purposes, and even when used recreationally is not detrimental to society. What's been getting me down is when I hear about other states and other families who can't get the help they because either their state hasn't legalized medicinal marijuana of the federal government can't make up its mind.

I don't believe it is fair that the federal government can keep pushing this issue aside. They say there haven't been enough studies done to prove marijuana has medical applications. I believe they are wrong. The problem is not just about proving marijuana's importance, the problem is that Congress or even our president does not want to be the one that legalizes a supposedly dangerous drug. Just allow people who need marijuana and can prove the medical need for it, get it so they can go on with their lives. Also, schedule marijuana lower on the federal drug list so innocent people aren't ending up in jail for nothing. Marijuana should not be listed along side methamphetamines and heroin. The federal government needs to put this issue to rest so it can deal with more important matters.

Morgan Beaumier


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