Rave: Sister grateful for thoughtful, honest youth


My sister was visiting from Palm Desert. This is written on her behalf. We were caught up in the throes of packing and moving. Yes! A quick trip "Fred's" for a chicken and some salad! Hastily returning the cart in the misty rain, she ran to the car and headed home. Panicked by not finding her purse in the car, or either bag, she broke all traffic rules and returned to the store. No. The check-out woman had not seen it. "Check with customer service," she said. Gracious customers let her cut into line and squeeze out the question, "Has a black purse been turned in?" The service rep raised her eyes above her glasses.

What's your name? "Barbara Arms." "You're very lucky. Two young girls returned this. It has a lot of money in it." "I know." Greater than the relief of finding the purse was the realization that the young generation is kind, thoughtful and honest. Thank you!

- Pat Mallahan of Bellingham, via Letters to the Editor

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