Says cars not the big issue downtown


In response to your article, "Bellingham's downtown plan proposes changes to parking, drive-throughs," I am wondering why the main suggestions seem to be how to get more cars to fit downtown. This seems very myopic. In a city as environmentally conscious as Bellingham, with such a walkable downtown, I think our focus needs to extend elsewhere. For example, why do the buses stop running at 9 p.m.? It makes it impossible for people to take a bus to enjoy the many shows, bars, taverns, and other night life we have downtown. There is no discussion of making downtown more bikeable by adding more bike lanes or cracking down on what I believe to be rampant bike thefts. Walking, carpooling, scooters, and even affordable downtown housing -- these are all alternatives that the city could be pursuing. I realize that different programs come out of different funds and all that bureaucratic nonsense. I don't think that's an excuse to not consider how these variables contribute to the parking problem and could also contribute to the solution. I have not yet been to a commission meeting but now that this has been brought to my attention I hope to be able to attend the April 17 meeting.

Brooke Chesnut


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