BTC dental hygiene students looking for patients


Dental hygiene students at Bellingham Technical College are offering free screenings Tuesday, April 15, to find patients who qualify to be part of the students' board exams.

The college's second-year dental hygiene students are required to take seven board examinations in the last two quarters of their program. During one of the examinations, the students take qualifying patients to a test site to demonstrate their competence cleaning teeth.

Patients must have heavy calculus (tarter), molar teeth, no large cavities, no latex allergies, and no gum pockets over 6 mm. Also, it must have been at least five years since the patient's last cleaning.

Qualifying patients can drop in Tuesday or call the BTC Dental Clinic at 360-752-8349 for a free screening appointment. Screenings take about 15 to 20 minutes. Patients who qualify for the board exam will receive, at no cost, full mouth X-rays, teeth cleaning, and an exam.

People who do not qualify still may receive low-cost dental hygiene services at the clinic, depending on whether appointments are available. Additional screenings will be held April 21 to June 3.

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