Unhappy health care didn't help his son


I know there are a large number of people in this country who are enamored of the Affordable Care Act. There seems to be an even larger number who are much less than thrilled about it.

I was on the fence. Personally, I am opposed to it. For those with pre-existing conditions I thought it may well be a good thing. That was, until my own son, a type 1 diabetic, tried to apply for it. He is in renal failure, his eyes are hemorrhaging and he can hardly stand on his feet because of pain. He has been unable to work since June.

When he reached a worker for the ACA he was told that, because he was unemployed, they couldn't deduct premiums so he must apply for Medicaid. He went to Medicaid. They said because he wasn't on disability they couldn't help him. He went to disability. The answer he got there was this: because you have arms and legs and can move around - get a job!

What kind of job can he get? He could never stand on his feet for an eight-hour shift, he can hardly stand for eight minutes.

I hear these stories about other people as well, can they all really be liars as Harry Reid claims? Where are all the wonderful things that Nancy Pelosi claimed were going to happen? What about those who have had premiums and deductibles double and triple?

I believe the ACA was a bad idea made worse by lies and obfuscations.

Joey Chin


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