Bellingham to begin annual citywide water main flushing


Bellingham's Public Works Department will begin its annual water main flushing program on Monday, April 21, which can cause temporary discoloration of your water.

While the discolored water is not harmful to human health or other household uses, mineral deposits that naturally build up inside the pipes can stain laundry. Residents are advised not to wash white clothes or to use their hot water taps when crews are flushing in their area. If the water in your residence is discolored, run a cold water tap in the bathtub for a few minutes.

Water used during the flushing operation is dechlorinated before being discharged into the city storm drainage system.

The following areas will be flushed sometime Monday, April 21, through Friday, May 9:

- West Bakerview Road, airport area, Bennett Drive, Northwest Road, Aldrich Road, Cordata area, and Guide Meridian to Smith Road.

- Northwest Avenue, Maplewood Avenue, and James Street north of Sunset Drive.

- Hannegan Road, East Sunset Drive and Mount Baker Highway.

- Tweed Twenty area, north and south of Alabama Street from St. Clair Street to Ellis Street.

For questions about the flushing, contact the Public Works Department, 360-778-7700 or

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