April 9, 2014 


If you're wondering if you can judge this book by its cover, you can, sort of.

"Yes, this book is called 'Bike Your Butt Off,'" author Selene Yeager writes. "but you know that won't happen. What will happen is you will bike your butt beautiful."

Yeager writes about training, nutrition and weight loss for Bicycling magazine and other magazines.

The book "guides readers on the path to maximize their training efforts and shed those unwanted pounds while developing healthy habits to keep weight off."

So it's another diet and exercise book?

Pretty much, but it's centered around bikes, and no gym memberships are required to ride a bike.

And let's face it, riding a bike on a sunny day in the Treasure Valley or elsewhere in Idaho is a whole lot more fun than running on a treadmill.

Yeager walks the reader through the basics of selecting a bike (mountain, road, cruiser, whatever), how to ride it, how to use it for training and weight loss, and what to eat.

It's a comprehensive book that guides you through a process of becoming a healthy, fit biker, including a 12-week plan to lose weight, gain strength and feel healthier.

Pages: 282.

Price: $19.99.

Publisher: rodalebooks.com.

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