Elderly man taken to Harborview after propane explosion near Ferndale

Posted by CALEB HUTTON on April 7, 2014 

FERNDALE — An elderly Ferndale man needed treatment at Harborivew Medical Center in Seattle for burns he suffered in a propane explosion at his motor home this weekend.

Two blasts — one from the initial ignition of a handheld lighter near the stove, and a second from an estimated 20-gallon propane tank blowing up — rocked the Evergreen Mobile Home Park around 11 a.m. Sunday, April 6, at 6800 Enterprise Road.

A witness posted this video of flames flaring far above the treetops.

From Sunday's Herald story:

Right away, two neighbors saw the only resident was lying down inside, barely conscious, Hoffman said.

The two were able to pull the man out through a portion of the home that had "basically split in two," Hoffman said. A medic unit was first to arrive at the scene and quickly took the man to St. Joseph hospital.

From there he was taken to Harborview. I'll update this post once we hear back about the man's condition.

Fire investigators haven't determined if the propane leaked out because of faulty equipment, or if the man had been using the stove improperly, said Mitch Nolze, of the Whatcom County Fire Marshal's Office. Either way, it's been ruled an accident.

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