Suggests direct redistribution of wealth


Free food stamps and free money for the homeless. With huge cuts being handed down from the state and federal governments, it's time for those lucky enough to still have jobs to phony up! As a enthusiastic believer in the transfer of wealth, from those who make cash to those who need said cash, let me be the first to suggest that folks who have extra money contact the agencies which oversee the distribution of benefits to Department of Social and Health Services and homeless folks. You can give directly to them and help those who have a little less yourself.

Bypassing the greedy agencies whom make these cuts to programs that many folks depend on, my fellow democrat friends can show by example that their checkbooks are not closed to these needs, and there is net disposal income still available to those who just can't seem to make it on their own.

Please give generously from your incomes to these worthy causes. As more and more single-parent families develop in our communities, we need to have vast sums of free money to give these deserving folks. They can't get this free money from anybody else, so dig deep into your checkbook and give with a happy heart. Remember: God helps those who help themselves, so keep working, if you're lucky, and give generously.

Stephen C. Adenau


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