Finds another lesson in American history


I applaud a recent writer for connecting the patterns of history. President Putin of Russia in Crimea in 2014 is acting like Chancellor Hitler of Germany in the Rhineland in 1936, if I understand his comparison. However, I offer a more direct comparison. In violation of the law and will of the sovereign Republic of Mexico, the United States annexed Texas. It is true that the English-speaking Texans, most of whom were illegal immigrants after 1830, voted to leave Mexico (like the Russian-speaking citizens of Crimea). Similar to the reaction of President Lincoln just a few years later, President Santa Anna then declared Texas in rebellion and sent an army to prevent the rebels from seceding from their union. Interfering with the sovereignty of Mexico, the U.S. then allowed American "volunteers" to turn the tide of battle. Assuming that this was justified, should Russia allow "volunteers" to invade the Ukraine today? As we know, the annexing of Texas was merely the first step in a massive territorial acquisition from Mexico. If the U.S. insists on taking the moral high ground (aka practicing what we preach) in the Ukraine, we should start with one honest gesture. We should return Texas to Mexico.

James Sargent


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