Whatcom County woman gets 6 years in prison for stabbing


A Whatcom County woman convicted of her 10th felony must spend six years in prison for stabbing another woman in the torso.

Shontae Christine Sullivan, 41, who lives on Lummi Reservation, got into a loud argument with the woman around 9 p.m. Oct. 3 outside an apartment in the 2600 block of West Maplewood Avenue. She'd accused the victim of "messing around" with a boyfriend or family member, police said at the time.

According to charging papers, Sullivan took the first swing but the other woman, who "knows how to box," managed to avoid the blows and knock Sullivan down.

As she got up Sullivan sunk a 4-inch folding knife into the woman's lower left torso. The victim's boyfriend hit Sullivan with a baseball bat to ward her off.

Sullivan still managed to run inside the home to hide the knife in a cabinet, before fleeing into the dark, dressed in all black.

Police caught up with her two blocks away outside Little Caesars. She seemed out of breath, couldn't stand still, complained of extreme thirst and "kept contorting her face into a variety of expressions," according to charging papers. Sullivan recalled getting knocked down but claimed she didn't fight back.

Meanwhile, paramedics rushed the other woman to St. Joseph hospital. She survived. Officers found the knife in the cabinet with blood still on the blade.

Deputies recovered two checks from Sullivan as they booked her into jail. They belonged to a man who didn't know her. She said she'd found them on the ground by a grocery store.

Sullivan pleaded guilty in early March to second-degree assault and unlawful possession of payment instruments. Whatcom County Superior Court Judge Deborra Garrett approved the deal late last week.

Sullivan has now been convicted of three felony assaults in the past six years.

- An inmate at Whatcom County Jail grew tired of Sullivan being the cell block bully one day in September 2008, according to charges papers. So she told Sullivan to "shut the (expletive) up." Sullivan responded by slapping her once, then punching her in the face hard enough to leave her with a concussion.

- She kicked a man in the head - after he had already been beaten unconscious - at a bus stop in August 2012. Prosecutors later said the man had attacked first. Sullivan served a two-month sentence for complicity to assault in the second degree.

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