Bellingham man, 19, sentenced for rape of girl


BELLINGHAM - A 19-year-old man spent a year in jail for raping a girl near her junior high school in 2013.

Nikolous Aaron Blaisdell of Bellingham had his formal sentencing hearing earlier this month in Whatcom County Superior Court. Afterward he walked out of jail for the first time since spring 2013, having already served out his sentence of a year behind bars.

Now he has to serve three more years on probation and in treatment.

Last year, Blaisdell had been kicked out of his father's house. He met the girl at a temporary place he stayed. He told authorities they'd been dating for a couple of weeks before they had sex.

On the morning of the crime, he'd walked with her to her school. Later on he met her outside. They went to a secluded place where he coaxed her into having intercourse. She told him to stop at some point, but Blaisdell didn't listen, according to charging papers.

A week later deputies arrested Blaisdell. He pleaded guilty in late January to a reduced charge of third-degree child rape.

A 10-page report by the Department of Corrections states Blaisdell's upbringing - marked by serious problems in the home and sexual abuse at the hands of much older adults - traumatized him, leaving him in need of professional help he'll now be required to get. Blaisdell had been introduced to drugs and alcohol before his 10th birthday.

"This is a young man who has lived with drug abuse, violence, sexual manipulation, and homelessness since a young age," his evaluator wrote. "He has little concept of what 'normal' is due to his own experiences."

He has two past felonies on his record, for stealing from the Burlington Mall as an Insane Clown Posse gang initiation and for making violent threats at a home in Sedro-Woolley.

According to the DOC, now he plans to get his GED and to "build a life for himself that does not include jail."

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